May 2: Entrepreneur Chef Sachin Sehgal along with Co-Founders Neeta Malik and Ashutosh Malik unleashed a lavish range of ready-to-cook food. During the recently concluded exhibition Ahaar,” one of the most popular exhibitions in India, entrepreneur and renowned chef Sachin Sahgal in conjunction with Founding partners Neeta Malik and Ashutosh Malik, founders of  High Life Cuisine celebrated the upcoming trends of food and presented a wide range of food which was high on taste, health and creativity. The range was backed and packed up by hi-end technology to keep the freshness and nutrition of food intact. The lavish line of the range includes mouth-watering snacks, kebabs, and Tikkas that are perfect for any occasion and celebration.

From the dias of Aahar Exhibition, that took place in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, they showcased the wide line of snacks and tasty food that was bursting with both freshness and taste Among the vast selection of healthiest and unique ever options available were kebabs, tikkas, and finger snacks prepared with Avacado, Broccoli, Akhrot, Soya, Spinach, Peach, Mushroom, Fish and Chicken to name a few. This delectable food range is presented in unique packaging that is held together by technological innovation and advancement coupled with the use of the right temperature. As part of their participation in the event, the trio presented a collection of veg and non-veg snacks under “Meatington” and “Grab a Green”, a range of ready-to-cook non-vegetarian and vegetarian food which can be grilled, baked, fried too. For the first time in India, the range was presented in vivid flavors of Indian, Punjabi, and Mughlai.

Sachin Sehgal along with Neeta Malik and Ashutosh Malik while talking about their participation informed, “Today, through the exhibition we presented a range of food products which is elaborate and lavish. Under the catagory of frozen and ready to cook food there is no other brand that is providing such a comprehensive range of products in India . Our range is free of preservatives, artificial essences, and artificial colors. During the Covid pandemic, we have all become very conscious about the safety and hygiene of our food. When creating the food range, we ensured to take the best care and follow all food safety and hygiene standards. In this range, where Punjabi food lovers can enjoy the flavors of Punjab, Mughlai food lovers will be able to enjoy the vast variety of kebabs.

The range includes Dahi Ke Kebab, Mozerella Bombs, Brocolli Corn Kebab, Cottage Cheese Patty, Akhrot Kebab, Risotto Balls, FAlafelmi Veg, Chicken Pop Corn, Chicken Nuggets, Crunchy Mutton Patty, Fish Fingers, Fish Amritsari, Fish Peri Peri, Chicken Wings, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Stuffed Tangri, Chicken Malai Seekh, Chicken Achari Seekh, Mushroom Galouti, Chicken Galouti, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Stuffed Tangri, Chicken Malai Seekh, Chicken Achari Seekh, Mutton Seekh Kebab and the list goes on.

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